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nugentian village

Census Details

Homeworlds: Nugent
Major Species: Nugentian
Territory: 1 star systems
Population: 200 million inhabitants
Sub-Faction: No

Comparative Details

Skilled farmers, excellent conservationists, independent
Isolationist, weak military force,
Social Indicators:
Tech Level:
Galactic Influence:

Faction’s Details


Nugentians inhabit the 2nd planet of the Nugent star system. The Nugentians have a reputation for their simple-mindedness, having very little knowledge of the Known Universe.

Nugentians are well adapted to their desert-environment, with the majority of their planet having average day and night temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius.

Nugentians are, as a result, extremely skilled farmers and excellent water conservationists.

Despite being declared neutral in the 2nd Terran-Gohorn War, Rosebourg and Terran forces broke the neutrality by invading the Nugentian planet forcing the Nugentians to call in support from the Gohorn Directorate to dislodge the invading force. 

Relationship with other factions:
  • At war with the Terran Democratic Republic and Rosebourg Monarchy
  • Allied with the Gohorn Directorate
Social, Economic, Cultural Details:
The Nugentians number around two hundred million, and are spread throughout the planet in small communities numbering rarely over 50 individuals. Inter-communal communications is reduced to a minimum, with inter-communal communication used only for ceremonies, marriages, or the dispatching of newly acquired farming techniques.
Military Details:
Despite having had little contact with war, the Nugentians are protected by a lightly-armed militia though their existence is more symbolic than anything else.
Additional Details:

Following their first-contact with alien species and despite having refused OIP membership, the Nugentians decided to build a capital city where foreigners could be properly greeted and welcomed.

A central planetary government has been developed in a city called Groene, population 915.000 inhabitants. It rarely attempts to impose itself upon the Nugentians, having been refuted several times in its attempts to move further authority to Groene. Most Nugentians have never seen the City.

They have heard of the rumours of its splendour, though many are quite alien to the idea of entire streets filled with hundreds of people. For them, a marriage of a few hundred people is quite the spectacle as it is.

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