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Fightercrafts in the 26th Century

These small and agile crafts continued to be powerful assets of military forces even as starships became a common sight in the Known Galaxy.

Cheaper to produce and able nonetheless to carry significant firepower, fighter-crafts are extremely useful to project significant fire-power quickly. The Terran Democratic Republic has in particular been extremely proficient at using effectively fighter-crafts on the battlefields.

There are numerous types of fighter-crafts developed by the military powers of the Known Galaxy service a wide variety of purposes. 


The fighter-interceptor is the descendant of the "Spitfires and F-16's" of the past. Depending on design, fighter interceptors are able to operate in space, within an atmosphere, or both.

Fighter interceptors are generally designed to intercept other enemy fighters and shoot them down. Furthermore they are often used to escort fighter bombers.

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Often used to tackle the toughest warships and stationary targets, and slower than fighter craft interceptors, the fighter-bomber is a powerful fighter craft that usually carries missiles or torpedoes that can be used against hard land targets or heavy starships.

With enough numbers, fighter-bombers can bring even the most powerful battleships down.

Fighter-bombers remain weak against fighter-interceptors.    

Reconnaissance Fighters

Efficient scouts - whether on planets or in space, lightly armed but extremely fast, the reconnaissance fighter is often used to increase the sight range of a task force.

On planets, reconnaissance fighters are used to scout what may lie ahead for a ground platoon. Reconnaissance fighters have come from a long tradition and continue to be critical in making the difference on battle theatres.

Reconnaissance Fighter

Atmospheric Fighters

The fighter-crafts excel particularly well at operating in atmospheric environments. Capable of space to planet re-entry, atmospheric fighters are polyvalent combat crafts that are able to service a variety of roles once in the atmosphere.

Atmospheric fighter-crafts are generally used primarily to protect or attack planetary-based installations.

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