Knights of the Light

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The Knights of Light (KOL) are a militant, terrorist faction which has broken away from the average Dividian societal "Faith". "The Faith" is the term Dividians use for their religion, its political structures and its politics and members. All are under the umbrella term: "Faith".

The Knights of Light are religious extremists and believe the inclusion of Divid Prime into the Luna Minoris Confederacy and the peaceful relations between Dividian, Rosebourg, and Terrans officials has watered down and weakened The Faith. The Knights of Light have committed several acts of terrorism, kidnapping and assassinations to prove their point.

Endangering the welfare of other species are regular mode of operations for the spreading of their xenophobic message.

The organization of the Knights of Light reaches high up in Dividian Socio-religious politics and it is unknown who the organization's true leaders are. Therefore, deterring and/or dismantling the organization is proving quite difficult.

They have been identified as a member organization of "The Family", a criminal underground spanning several cultures and species.

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