Eevee Hover Tank

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Flag State: Rosebourg Monarchy
Civilian Ship: No
Type: Hover Tank
Purpose: Assault Craft

Key Figures

Length: 10,5 m
Width: 5,5 m
Height: 4,5 m
Crew: 3 (pilot, 2 weapons)
Compartments: 1

Comparative Ratings


Basic Description

Nicknamed the "Eevees", the Legionnaire Corps' main battle tank came into service in 2466, and was produced right through until 2476. A large number of them was produced for the Legionnaires, replacing two separate classes of battle tanks which had been used by the Legionnaires prior. The YVY-T8, and the 10-M "Taschen" were both in dire need of retirement and replacement when the Eevees were brought into service.

Very light, these hover-tanks pack a moderate amount of firepower and are moderately protected. Despite their age, these tanks have earned respect amongst war-tested combat troops throughout the galaxy.

Equipped with a single front laser turret, which is complimented above it with a specially designed swivel turret that has proven quite effective against un-armoured ground troops, the Eevees strength is its superior agility against other battle tanks. This makes up for major deficiencies in general firepower, as well as lack of effective missile defence systems.

To defend it against missile attacks, the Eevees dispose of two short-range missile interceptors. Its armour is moderate, providing it with effective defence against small arms fire, but fairly weak defence against heavier firepower.

Hover Propulsion System

Manufacturer: Linksystems Military Company - Propulsion Division, Avran II
Model: Enarhcoc 110 Ion Reactor
Ground Lift: 30 m
Normal Speed: 45 km/h
Emergency Speed: 145 km/h
Maximum Speed: 170 km/h

Defensive Systems

Countermeasures and Interceptors

Anti Missile/Torpedoes Interceptors:
Manufacturer: Omega Deflector Systems Division, Rosebourg Prime
Type: Shield
Range: 210 Km
Payload: 2 maximum: 2

Laser System

Forward Laser Turrets: 2 (1 anti-personnel)
Model: RAC-777
Manufacturer: Royal Armaments Consortium, Gerolden XII
Firing Arc: 360 degree(s)
Firepower: 2,68 TW
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