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Basic Details

Taurii Society Matte Painting by David Collins
Key Species Traits: Industrious, individualistic, resourceful, self-Indulgent, materialistic
Original Homeworld(s): Luna Minoris I (Luna Minoris Star System)
Faction(s) where found: Luna Minoris Confederacy
Population: 171 billion

Physical Characteristics

Average Weight: 50 - 70 kg
Average Height: 1.5 m
Biological Traits:
  • Skin tones very from dark blue to dark shades of violet
  • Coarse skin with lots of bumps and ridges except on their face
  • Lack ears, large neon-blue eyes
  • Frail body frame and low physical strength comparatively to humans
  • Highly sensitive skin (face in particular), often wear a protective veil on face
  • Taurii male significantly stronger than Taurii females
  • Males can be extremely aggressive and territorial
  • Females have latent empathic skills

Relationships and Family Structures:

Relationships and sexual behaviour:
  • Taurii form multiple, long-term monogamous bonds during their lifetime
  • Mating pairs tend to produce two or three children before disbanding to form a new mating pair
Family Structures:
  • Individual nuclear family structures are established only for duration of child rearing,
  • Once the children can live independently, the mating pair can disband

Societal Structures

Societal details:
  • Individualistic society, society exists to defend the rights of the individual
  • Materialistic, wealth is everything to the Taurii
  • Weak social redistribution systems, leading to huge income gaps across society
  • Taurii devoted consumerists and early adopters of new technology
  • Government system built on efficiency and stability
    • Political parties dominated by females, males often serve as figureheads
    • First past the post parliamentary system led by a President
    • Independent court system serves as ultimate guardian
    • Any and all laws must be approved by the independent Courts
  • Mercenary military force financed in part by government and in part by commercial entities


Common phrases used:
  • “A Taurii is true to word and wealth”

For Information

Additional Details:
  • Self-centred and deeply self-assured
  • Males can easily be offended and feel threatened and react in kind
  • Females much more centred resulting from their empathic abilities
  • Generally extremely resourceful and cunning
  • Commercial to a fault
  • Like expensive things to impress their peers with their wealth
Useable by other New Worlds team members: Yes

Taurii by David Collins

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