Taurii Society in the 26th Century

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Imyt by Night Matte Painting by James Ledger

Strong similarities with the L'nhraei society

Centuries of contact between the Taurii and the L'nhraei have evolved both of these two cultures such that they share many common values. Together, they form the most loyal followers of the Luna Minoris Confederacy and would like to see it replace their national governments. Taurii and L'nhraei societies are "tolerant" societies that cherish conformity and peace.

A "Tolerant" Society

In Taurii society, like the L'nhraei society, there is tolerance for people who believe in the goodness of capitalism (and an intolerance of people who don't, opposite opinions to the majority tend to be silenced). Individualism is cherished, to the point where the society takes second place behind the individual.

An extremely wealthy society also driven by its pursuit

Taurii society has been perhaps the biggest beneficiary of the Luna Minoris Confederacy's wealth. The Taurii are a rich society, a filthy rich society although the distribution of wealth amongst the Taurii leaves something to be desired.

The richest of the Taurii have as much as forty times the wealth the poorest Taurii have - although the poorest Taurii are in comparison to the other major powers well off as well.

Major societal issues


Homelessness, however, is a major problem for the society. Society however, is quite unwilling to help the homeless out and prefers an "everyone for himself" approach on these problems.

Drug-Related Crime

Crime has recently shot up as consumption of a new addiction drug "G-10" is proliferating. Although G-10 is illegal, the government and its police forces have been unable to contain the proliferation and to stop the organized crime that is feeding it.

Taurii Architectural Style

Cities on Luna Minoris are built in order to impress, and to show off the wealth of the Taurii, their planet has been stripped barren with massive megalopolises that are dominated by advanced hover-transportation complexes. Many of the big cities have metallic towering high-rise that reach for the clouds. Taurii cities tend to be very dark places that re-emphasize the barren nature of the planet.

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