Igloo Armoured Personnel Carrier

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Flag State: Rosebourg Monarchy
Civilian Ship: No
Type: Hover Personnel Carrier
Purpose: Military Transport

Key Figures

Length: 7,9 m
Width: 3,5 m
Height: 4 m
Crew: 2 (pilot, weapons), 8 passengers
Compartments: 1

Comparative Ratings


Basic Description

Nicknamed the "Igloos," because of their circular design. The circular design was part of an innovative technology move to increase the ability of the craft to reflect small-laser fire while maintaining a decent mass to maintain speed.

While the Igloos look somewhat comic, they have a serious role to play. It is the vehicle of choice for the Legionnaires to dispatch reinforcements along hot front-lines. The hull of these crafts are rumoured to be able to take a point-blank 100 megawatt discharge and still survive the trip back to the main base.

Heavily protected by a new armour type - the Igloo were certainly revolutionary pieces of equipment in their time, although most military forces have largely caught up with advances made by the Igloo and have also improved their functionalities.

The Igloo has been battle-tested in various peacekeeping missions, the Rosebourg Monarchy's Legionnaires finding that while the Igloos weren't extraordinary in the service they provided, they certainly did their job of getting troops safely into the front lines.

Hover Propulsion System

Manufacturer: Elec Military Consortium - Propulsion Division, Beta Hydrae Prime
Model: ROSOB Ion Reactor
Ground Lift: 30 m
Normal Speed: 42 km/h
Emergency Speed: 166 km/h
Maximum Speed: 180 km/h

Defensive Systems

Countermeasures and Interceptors

Anti Missile/Torpedoes Interceptors:
Manufacturer: Elec Military Consortium - Armaments Division, Beta Hydrae Prime
Type: CELA
Range: 110 Km
Payload: 4 maximum: 4

Laser System

Forward Laser Turrets: 2
Model: 30mm automatic MIC-JVC
Manufacturer: Royal Armaments Consortium, Gerolden XII
Firing Arc: 360 degree(s)
Firepower: 1,4 TW
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