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The existence of The Establishment shows that the criminal element is very active and in spite of protests to the contrary, still an issue for the different governments of The Galaxy. They must discover and enforce a solution to this criminal underground.

Primary illicit activities attributed to The Establishment

The primary purpose of The Establishment is to sell illicit products and services to creatures desiring them throughout The Galaxy. They are said to be the primary suppliers of illegal drugs including the recent influx drugs into TDR held regions. Even the Gohorns take advantage of smuggling services of the group. It is said that no part of the Galaxy save the Former Natashan Terrirtories is exempt from their reach.

Adding to the possible problems is the hint of political and governmental corruption fostered and maintained by the organization is just now being explored in many systems.

Pan-Galactic Entity

The composition of The Establishment is pan-galactic. Unlike other underground organizations, The Establishment appears to be a single entity rather than a consortium of cooperating groups. That being said, the group is not above forming partnerships with groups to meet mutually beneficial arrangements. The areas of operation are difficult to define, however, incidents that have been attributed to The Establishment include Neutral Worlds, The LMC (primarily Dividian and Acadanan outer systems.) Though the scarce data about them makes identifying their scope problematic at best.

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