P.O.E. Prototype Hyperion

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Flag State: Terran Democratic Republic
Civilian Ship: No
Type: Fighter-Interceptor
Purpose: Escort

Key Figures

Length: 2.65 m
Width: 2.1 m
Height: 1.7 m
# built: 21
Crew: 1
Compartments: 2

Comparative Ratings


Basic Description

Made with the Seventh Order in mind, the TDR financed a campaign to build a better ship; what they have now, is the Hyperion Prototype. Only 21 were made, because of expense, but even with a small arsenal, they pack plenty of power.

Produced to the fullest extent of quality, weapons and armor above the normal standard, a Buhaat would be lucky to receive this interceptor as his/her personal vessel.

Only the top members of the Buhaat Conglomerate get this ship, although they'll never really use it, unless in escort & espionage. The reason for the limited use is how finite the Hyperions are. 

Until the 'improved' ship hits the market, this'll be one of their most important vessels in their fleet

Faster-than-Light Drive System

Vortex Drive Manufacturer: Nemo Aeronautics
Vortex Engine Model: Jiraiya III-787
Normal Cruising Speed: 12.25 km/sec
Emergency Speed: 42 km/sec
Maximum Speed: 123.5 km/sec

Laser System

Forward Laser Turrets: Ionized Particle Laser
Model: Mk 5 Stallion-087
Manufacturer: Nemo Aeronautics
Firing Arc: 40 degree(s)
Firepower: 4 TW

Special Systems

Onboard System
Name: Plasmic Aura Shield
Model: WZ-883
Manufacturer: Nemo Aeronautics
Description of System:
Uses plasma formed in an invisible casing to reflect & disperse high energy blasts and missiles.  Highly reliable than Nano-Magnetics on the other 'POE' ships.
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