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Basic Details

Avran in Trouble Matte Painting by David Collins
Key Species Traits: Principled, austere and reserved males, strong-willed, confident and liberated females
Original Homeworld(s): Avran Prime
Faction(s) where found: Rosebourg Monarchy
Population: 500 billion

Physical Characteristics

Average Weight: 100-150 kg
Average Height: over 2 m
Maturing Cycle:
  • Fast maturing cycle both physical and mental 

Biological Traits:
  • Feline features

  • Benefit from excellent vision, sense of smell

  • Opposable thumbs, and hands with particularly sharp and strong nails

  • Fur colours across the whole spectrum 

  • 4 “sub-species” imitate a separation of role similar to that of ant colonies, dictated by the females:  

    • Warrior – superior strength and agility, lower base IQ

    • Leader – average IQ, low strength, agility or speed

    • Space-farer – moderate IQ, high reflexes and spatial awareness

    • Scientists – highest IQ, low strength, agility, or speed

Relationships and Family Structures:

Relationships and sexual behaviour:
  • High sexual reproduction cycle – producing on average 6 litters

  • Males monogamous, females more sexually liberated 

  • Relationships outside of one’s “class” is generally frowned upon

Societal Structures

Societal details:
  • Wealthy and excellent redistribution of wealth within society 

  • Most are highly suspicious of foreigners 

  • Modesty is praised in opposition to Navak displays of opulence

  • High social stratification between different sub-species

  • Each sub-species has its own networks

  • Severe generational gap in Avran society between elders and youth

    • Avran youth embrace Navak societal aspirations

    • Avran youth desire a breaking down of the social class barriers

    • Avran adults generally suspicious of foreigners, and Navaks

    • Avran adults embrace the social stratification


Common phrases used:
  • “Mind your class”  -  Avran equivalent to “Shup up”

For Information

Additional Details:
  • Naming convention: Only have a first name, as their family name is their class

    Example: Caitian of the Space-Farer class, Trix of the Warrior Class  

  • Noteable exceptions: children issued of mixed class marriages as a conscious decision to break with the naming conventions of old, and métis children

Creator’s Notes to other team members:
  • Avrans use their sense of smell to analyse situations and achieve full awareness of their situation, their smell can give them almost telephathic awareness of the changing emotions of the people around them, or their presence.

  • Males generally restrained in their discourse and mannerisms. Females much more relaxed. Both can be prone to explosions under emotional duress. 

Useable by other New Worlds team members: Yes

Avrans by David Collins

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