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A game-changer for civilian transportation and military purposes

Hover vehicles tend to produce less sound, as the generator used to lift the vehicle tends to be fusion generated. This has proven to be of huge benefit to the military, as hover tanks are considerably less noisy than their predecessors. Hover technology is the driving force behind a series of innovation, including hover trains (the descendants of trains) that run on specially built hover railway lines, hover-crafts (the descendent of cars) that fly on hover-highways, hover tanks, and hover "tank-busters" (the descendent of the helicopter gunship), and more. It remains to be seen whether hover-technology will be replaced by something even more advanced in the future...

Impact of hover-technology on city skylines and traffic signage

With the invention of hover-technology many cities have seen their skyline radically changed. Whereas the old streets have given way to lanes of park spaces, the traffic has moved to above the clouds, where special hover-highways and hover-railways have been constructed to link all the cities of a planet. These hover transportation routes are often demarcated by special markers that likewise hover high above the buildings. The Organisation for Interstellar Peace passed Mandate 238.123 concerning hover transportation which ensured that a uniform system of markings to determine speed limits and the such was adopted by most planets of the known galaxy during the early 25th Century.

The transportation method of choice on planets

The governments' favoured choice of transportation method within a planet remains hovering. Since the 22nd century, hover technology has become the common denominator for any vehicle whose primary purpose is to facilitate transport from one point of a planet to the other. Hover technology has lent itself both to civilian use as well as military use, so that a wide variety of vehicles now use the technology. Hover technology permits a vehicle to fly anywhere from half a meter to thirty meters above the ground, the advantages of hovering crafts have been felt tremendously by the planets which have chosen to implement the technology. Where paved roads and non-flying vehicles were the cause of many accidents involving bystanders getting hit by the vehicle, hover technology permitted the vehicle to fly safely above the bystanders.

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