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Gohorn Directorate

The K'Kelebrath are the exception of the Gohorns' Dominion Species, as opposed to the rule. Most races are conquests of the Directorate against their will, however have found that the awesome might of the Gohorn army means that there is very little that they can do about their situation.

The K'Kelebrath on the other hand, petitioned to become members of the Directorate, because of what they perceived to be many shared values between their two peoples.

The K'Kelebrath are also an aggressive people. Bulky and of average size, they are very capable soldiers. Their skin is a tough hide, and they have small horns down their backs. A K'Kelebrath's skin is almost like that of a rhinoceros, rough and coarse, but very tough.

They are treated with respect by the Gohorn Directorate, however are not afforded equal rights when off their homeworld. There are several Klayors of K'Kelebrath troops in the Remteklar, but they rarely mix with the main body of the Gohorn army.

The K'Kelebrath, however, are quite contended with their status in the Directorate, as they look up to the Gohorns in an almost reverential way.

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