Slavery in the 26th Century

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With different species interacting in galaxy sized proportions now, slave-trade has never been more economical. Every one of the various civilizations has the need for beings to do whatever it is they want done, and with slave labour, it makes it all the more easy...and cheap, to get those things done. Although highly illegal, just as it was in every century before, except in the earliest of times which differ from race to race, slavery has always been present in each of the societies.

Overall, the OIP has decreed a universal ban on slavery, cracking down wherever it is found along with the authorities of each government. Although, the Gohorns still use the Penal type of slavery, it is not defined as such, instead, it is defined as a punishment for criminals who would otherwise receive the death penalty. This has allowed them to be the only government that still, technically, practices it legally.

Dead traditions of slavery in the Terran Democratic Republic and Rosebourg Monarchy

On Earth, slaves were sold in the earliest times as a source of cheap labour. Later, with the end to the legality of buying and selling people, slaves were sought after for much more personal reasons.

On Avran Prime, slaves were generally sold only as a steady workforce, and instead of being captured against their will, they would usually enter what is commonly known as "indentured service" to pay off considerable debts to groups who acted as financiers for the poor. These same financiers were generally the overseers of various slaver-groups, giving out money in return for years or sometimes even life in servitude while the slave's family was paid in full.

On Beta Hydrae, slaves were generally a show of economic superiority. Many slaves were bought simply because their owner wanted to have more "stock" than his/her friends. A status symbol, if you will, the slaves were generally treated much better than in any other civilization, doing housework and cleaning instead of cruel labour or even crueller entertainment as on earth.

Slaves were bought in a very organized system, brought in generally to serve time for small crimes or severe debt to the monarchy by civil officials and officers. They were seen as simply the "workforce", right alongside the poorer workers in various manufactories and industrial plants.

Dead traditions of slavery in the Gohorn Directorate and the Luna Minoris Confederacy

On Gohorn Prime, in the much earlier years when civil wars and military actions were frequent, slaves were bought for the sole purpose of war or entertainment. In war, they would be used in much the same was as penal legions of the Soviet Union. Given the poorest weapons and no armor, they were urged on by heavily armed soldiers to cross the deadliest battlefields, usually to clear minefields or expose enemy positions. If a slave survived, he was then free, free to be drafted into the regular army of the owner that is. As for entertainment, slaves fought in gladiatorial arenas, fighting close combat in various enclosed terrains for large crowds and various diplomats or nobles. Few won their freedom, but those who did were generally lauded as heroes. A famous general of the Gohorn Remteklar was once a slave at a young age who won his freedom.

On Acadanan I, slavery was abolished at such an early time in history, and with such conviction, that nothing is seen or heard of it today. Although, that does not stop various organizations from taking them at will.

On Divid I, slaves were indentured servants much like on the Avran homeworld. Used to dig mines for natural reasources and other dirty work. After a set amount of time, they would be released, having ather paid for a minor crime or paid of a large debt.


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