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Basic Details

Navaks on Deck
Key Species Traits: Chivalrous, elegant, loyal, flirtatious, aristocratic
Original Homeworld(s): Beta Hydrae Prime
Faction(s) where found: Rosebourg Monarchy
Population: 1.2 trillion

Physical Characteristics

Average Weight: 70 to 90 kg
Average Height: 1.80 to 2.10 m
Maturing Cycle:
  • Physical growth cycle is slower (14 year old Navak looks 7 to a human),
  • Mental maturity cycle similar to humans (14 years old Navak acts like a 14 years old human).
Biological Traits:
  • Males taller and heavier,
  • Pale skinned, blue tattoo-like features on body (redundant blood veins for heat),
  • Fair haired,
  • Slightly pointed and elongated ears. Nicknamed ‘Elves’ by humans,
  • Crystalline muscle on their forehead (triangular in shape) for cold resistance,
  • Blue blooded,
  • Average lifespan nearly 200 Terran years,
  • Prefer environments of -15° Celsius to 5° Celsius,
  • Require special suits above 25° Celsius.

Relationships and Family Structures:

Relationships and sexual behaviour:
  • Bisexual, highly flirtatious species
Family Structures:
Complex family structures involving relationship triangles:
  • Navak individuals develop committed relationship with 2 others
  • One of those individuals is of the same sex (bonded one)
  • One of those individuals is of a different sex (wife, or husband)
  • All three individuals share legal guardianship of offsprings

Societal Structures

Societal details:
  • Aristocratic, limited social laddering opportunities
  • Peak of the social ladder is the Royal Family and its Royal Court
    • Court is composed of family and advisors of the reigning monarch
  • Burgundian lifestyle – socialites, cosmopolitan, enjoy luxury, opulence,
  • Highly concerned with public appearance, family honour and stature
  • Known for their love of a good party, and their loyalty their friends


Common phrases used:
  • “By the Quadaz” - God willing

For Information

Additional Details:

Creator’s Notes to other team members:
Advice on writing for a Navak:
  • Formal language and tone for the high-born, informal for most others
  • New Worlds Project uses “French” names to designate Navaks
      Examples include:
    • Jean-Phillippe de Rosebourg (male),
    • Jean-Jacques Deboussoix (male),
    • Alouise Veboite (female).
  • Formal, rigid, and principled outside of social gatherings
  • Contrasts with highly sexually liberated culture, party-loving nature
Useable by other New Worlds team members: Yes

Navaks by David Collins

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