APC Armoured Personnel Carrier

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Flag State: Terran Democratic Republic
Civilian Ship: No
Type: Personnel Carrier
Purpose: Military Transport

Key Figures

Length: 9,3 m
Width: 2,95 m
Height: 2,66 m
Crew: 2 (pilot, weapons), 5 passengers
Compartments: 1

Comparative Ratings


Basic Description

Unlike many of the other major powers that have sought to make their non-hover armoured personnel carriers heavily armoured units. The Terran Democratic Republic's UNPPF elected for its armoured personnel carriers to be more suited for reconnaissance. Able to carry a small fire-team of 5 people, the APC is a mixed reconnaissance/front-line assault vehicle that has as its mission to get troops to opened flanks very rapidly. As a result, the APC is in comparison to other vehicles of its class, lightly armoured and lightly armed.

Lightly protected and lightly armed, this craft's strengths come with its speeds. Able to outrun most other carriers, a massive of these is able to bring large number of troops from one place to another rapidly. Its speed also makes it difficult to track troop movements in time to get slower (and more powerful) firepower to bear on these APCs. Upgrades are currently taking place on most of the APC fleet, increased armour with no loss of speed being the prime aim of these upgrades.

Hover Propulsion System

Manufacturer: Majol Military Consortium - Propulsion Division, Mars
Model: PHP 435 Ion Reactor
Ground Lift: 30 m
Normal Speed: 30 km/h
Emergency Speed: 120 km/h
Maximum Speed: 140 km/h

Laser System

Forward Laser Turrets: 1
Model: 25mm automatic MIC-JVC
Manufacturer: Majol Military Consortium, Mars
Firing Arc: 360 degree(s)
Firepower: 0,5 TW
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