Stanislas Germaine (Staff Sergeant)

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Basic Information

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Profession: UNPPF military officer
Age: 25 years old
Date of Birth: 1 Apr, 2481
Height: 1.75 m
Weight: 70 kg
Eye: Dark brown
Hair: Dark brown, almost black
Distinguishing Feature: Big person who looks imposing in size
Species: Human
Citizenship: Terran Democratic Republic
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single

Family History

Character’s Biography

Personal History:


Stanislas Germaine was born in Nigeria on Earth. For as long as anyone can remember the Germaines have been a family of farmers. Prior to famine riots, that meant the Germaines were a family tied closely to their Nigerian roots. When the famine riots ensured fairer conditions for Third World Countries, the Germaine were able to secure a good living in the maize farming industry. When humans began colonising other planets of the star systems, the first Germaines took to the stars as terraformers and farmers.

Stanislas was born the eldest of five children on Abuja. The only boy in the family, Stanislas had to shoulder both the family pressure of being the only but also of being the eldest - which in African traditions - carries extra burden of its own. Stanislas as a result was always very protective of his little sisters and often got into fights in order to protect them from threats he perceived.


Stanislas applied very little attention to school - he was always too busy with family priorities to give school much care. As a child he only aspired to be a farmer like his dad and ancestors. Stanislas felt that schooling and farming had little in common and therefore did not apply himself seriously.

It was only after attending a recruiting session with the UNPPF that he considered the military. His father, sensing that Stanislas could 'expand his horizons' and live freer from famiy obligations, encouraged him to pursue the idea. Stanislas thus, after secondary school enrolled in the UNPPF.


Pre-Destiny Campaign History

Stanislas was assigned to the Academy in La Rochelle, France. He trained there for the standard two year rotation and was then sent into the 132nd Regiment. Whilst there, he rose through the ranks fairly rapidly owing to his diligence, and his excellent managerial skills.

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