Yeuh Medical Extraction Carrier

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Flag State: Rosebourg Monarchy
Civilian Ship: No
Type: Medical Craft
Purpose: Medical Relief

Key Figures

Length: 25 m
Width: 13,5 m
Height: 6,5 m
Crew: 2 (pilot, weapons), 4 (medical), passengers
Compartments: 2

Comparative Ratings


Basic Description

Throughout the history of warfare, the casualties on the frontline were always too far from the medical stations, so doctors have been trying to find the best way to transport those injured away from danger and into the care of a medical station.

The Yeuh Medical Transport is a fast, armoured vessel capable of landing on most planetary surfaces, extract the patient, and be on the way back to a base or starship in under ten minutes.

The Yeuh has the ability to land on planetary surfaces and a permanent opening on the port and starboard side is their rapid means of getting the patient on-board. When not on a planet, the openings are closed by sliding bulkheads, to protect the doctors and patients from the absence of atmosphere.

This can be hazardous, for when a huge firefight erupts where the Yeuh lands there is no cover for the doctors to dismount and get the patient on-board. To rectify this, one type IX swivel laser turret is mounted under the Huey to provide 360-degree cover. The lasers can only be used a maximum of 15 minutes, so the doctors have to move fast.

Hover Propulsion System

Manufacturer: Remus Integration Facility
Model: Enarhcoc 112 Ion Reactor
Ground Lift: 30 - 8,000 m
Normal Speed: 30 km/h
Emergency Speed: 160 km/h
Maximum Speed: 186 km/h

Defensive Systems

Countermeasures and Interceptors

Anti Missile/Torpedoes Interceptors:
Manufacturer: Omega Deflector Systems Division, Rosebourg Prime
Type: Armageddon
Range: 43,210 Km
Payload: 2 maximum: 2

Laser System

Forward Laser Turrets: 1
Model: IX
Firing Arc: 360 degree(s)
Firepower: 0,75 TW

Internal Room Layout

Compartments: 1
Forward Section: Main Flight Control Center and Weapons Control System
Aft Section: Patient Holding

Internal Room Layout

Compartments: 2
Forward Section: Surgical Table
Central Section: Main Triage Center
Aft Section: Medical Storage and Emergency Gear
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