Government of the Gohorn Directorate

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Gohorn Directorate


The Gohorn Directorate is a federal authoritarian government. There are no elections in the Gohorn Directorate, the word does not even translate properly, and the government comes under the wing of the military. So whereas in the Terran Democratic Republic, the UNPPF is a part of the United Nations, in the Gohorn Directorate the government is a part of the military.

The Chief: Commander in Chief of the Military and Government

The Chief resides over the Directorate as a whole; he is the commander in chief of the military and ultimate legislator. The fanaticism of the people of the Directorate towards their system and their Chief has never led them to object to such a system, with the notable exception of the reign of Otrez, the Terran installed leader. However, in that case the fanaticism was half of the problem; it was because people were so loyal to their Chief that they did not see him deposed sooner.

Any credibility hit to the position caused by Otrez was restored by Saljak with the onset of the Terran/Gohorn War. The Directorate is then divided in to regions, each one under the command of a Regent Admiral, a position higher than that or War Admiral or War General but outside the main military chain of command.

The Current Chief

The position of Chief is one for which specially selected people are trained for. The elite academy for prospective Gohorn Chiefs is on Gohorn Prime, near the Gohorn War Centre. If these prospective chiefs do not actually get to become Chief (when a Chief dies, the academy's most eligible candidate is selected) then they join military service and more often than not accelerate to the highest positions of military power. The title of Chief is more akin to the title of Fleet Admiral than it is of King or Secretary General.

  • The current Chief of the Gohorn Directorate is Saljak.

The Council Generals: Advisors to the Chief

The Council of Generals are the top advisers of the Chief of the Gohorn Directorate. Comprising of members of all branches of the military, the Council is responsible for formulating national security policy and advising the Chief on recommended courses of action.

The most important members of the Council are:

  • the Chief,
  • the War Admiral of the Velakor,
  • the War General of the Remteklar,
  • the Coordinator of the Dedareten.

This Council was dissolved under Otrez, but has been reconstituted under the new government.

The Council of Powers

The Councils of Power cover all possible policy areas in the Directorate. The advisors who sit on these councils (all of which are considered to be significantly less important than the Council of Generals) advise the Chief on new policies for the Directorate.

Each Council covers a different policy area, like economic policy, social policy etc. etc. The Chief keeps a firm control over these councils, all of which are small and comprise hand-picked advisors so that the policy of the Directorate never strays from that which the Chief demands.

Regent Admirals

The Chief is just one man, and thus to overlook the demands of the people across the vast Gohorn Directorate, the Chief appoints a number of Regent Admirals, who are tasked with overseeing military and domestic actions within their spheres of influence.

Whilst they outrank the War Admiral/General, this is only within their jurisdiction. Outside the sectors they control, the War Admiral/General does not have to obey the commands of the Regent Admiral.

Regent Governors

Administrators of the subjugated worlds of the Gohorn Directorate, the Regent Governors are responsible for ensuring that resistance is crushed and the subjugated people conform to the laws of the Gohorn Directorate. Superior on the planet's surface to whatever form of native governing body exists, that body must always take orders from the Regent Governor.