Starships of the Royal Space Navy

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Clarel Class Heavy Destroyer Concept by Frode Abrahamsen

List of the Active Starships of the Rosebourg Monarchy

  • Flagships
    The R.M.R.S. Liberté, Apropos, Envenant, and Agelan

  • Heavy Battleship
    Mary Rosebourg Class

  • Heavy Battleship
    Dracona Class

  • Light Battleship
    Actalena Class

  • Fightercraft Carrier
    Valeris Class

  • Battle Cruiser
    Octum Class

  • Cruiser
    Janis Class

  • Light Fightercraft Carrier
    Katingi Class

  • Heavy Destroyer
    Clarel Class

  • Destroyer
    Alazar Class

  • Anti-Fightercraft Destroyer
    Panabi Class

  • Light Destroyer
    Berleos Class

  • Patrol Boat
    Angelus Class

  • Frigate
    Katarena Class

  • Repair Vessel
    MPVI Class

  • Cargo Vessel
    MPIII Class

  • Medical Ship
    Pax Class
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