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Bloodlust Records was started by a man named Derek "Bloodlust" Grayham on July 17, 2460. He started it after his own record debut soon after he left the army service. During his army days, he was dubbed "Bloodlust," because of his unscrupulous and ruthless demeanour and deeds during his service. He enacted that same demeanour during his return from the service.

Origins in Nueva Hip-Hop

He started a Nueva Hip-hop album about strife and violence called, "Redneck Agenda" and received fame and plentiful fortune with it. Fortunately for him, his actions were deemed to be of no threat by the U.N. Censors who in turn made no actions, seeing him to be nothing more than a rap artist and others of the like.

Relationship with the Terran Government

That all changed right after he found out he could manage others like him as well. He started his own record label and thanks to his experiences as a real soldier was able to buy out most of his local competition. He garnered millions from the endeavours and was able to procure more than twenty artists in a year under his label. Being highly loyal to the Terran Democratic Republic he donated 10% percent of his yearly gains to the Terran Democratic Republic for whatever use they may have for it. Some say it was being use to create prototype mechs. 

Notable artists under contract

Gregory "Gagre" Johnson
"Dogg War" from the album "Gagre Speaks"

Natalie Cole
"Blue Water Rythm" from the album "Cole Wind"

Cedric "Li'l Cro" Loenards
"Chrome Dome" from the album "Platinum Gun"


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