Editorial Team

The Editorial Team fulfils a critical role by reviewing the outputs declared ready for publication. Editing to ensure the final output is typo-free ensures creative works sold to the public meet the highest quality standards. This is particularly key for collaborative projects that may involve the contributions of dozens of individuals of varying writing styles and level of proficiencies.
  • Adam

    Editing and Reviewing
  • Pamela Bradford

    Editing and Reviewing
    She is involved with the New Worlds Project because a friend recommended to me that she check it out. Dangit she did, and dangit she got hooked. So her word of advice to anyone interested in checking out the project... Don't (unless you really want your imagination sparked and your writer's block to flee far far away to a distant galaxy, and you want to have loads of productive fun writing, designing and playing to your geeky, nerdy, heart's content)!