New Worlds Project: Communities Support Team gratefully acknowledges individuals who have made a significant contribution to the New Worlds Project: Communities.

Our Co-Founders

Through the years, New Worlds Project ASBL and New Worlds Project: Communities has depended on the vision of our co-founders Kim Leonard Smouter and Alex Perry. The setting they have created continues to inspire writers decades later.

Our Graphics Heroes

We acknowledge the extraordinary contribution of Erwin Goh who has been instrumental in the rebranding of New Worlds Project.

Our Development Heroes

We acknowledge the contribution of our developers the Corlette Labs team who have designed all of the custom plug-ins that have made this project possible. Without our close partnership, this Reboot would not have been possible.

We also acknowledge the contribution of the e107 CMS Community who have been helping us develop our dream website over the last decade, in helping us to troubleshoot anytime we got into troubled waters!

The Support Team

We acknowledge the work of the Support Team who contribute hours of free labour and love into the project. Thank you Adam, Cat, Glen, Glenn, Jeroen, and Richard for supporting us during the reboot of New Worlds Project: Communities

Our Significant Others

Without the patience of our partners, New Worlds Project: Communities would not be able to benefit from so much of our free time. Thank you, our partners, for supporting us in our crazy adventure!

Our Supporters and Fans

Thank you to our fans and supporters, our partners at Star Army of Yamatai, Thar Shaddin, Ongoing Worlds, SciFi Ideas, The Luminarium, and RPG-D who have provided us invaluable advice, opportunities to promote New Worlds Project, and believed in our ability to carry this project out